Weekend Glow under Rs.100, I promise!

Why this skincare? you may ask. Ans is simple, BC it is amazingly effective, absolutely affordable and light on the skin. 

This is not an actual review post but an honest routine that I try to indulge in every weekend i.e. if I am lazy to get into the kitchen, make and apply a gram flour face pack. *wink*

I have been meaning to curate this post for so long, finally, I got the time. Let me get lemonade and we can start…..

Note: By the end of this post, you can check out how my face actually looks, ‘no makeup, no filter guys’

Step 1: Himalaya Neem Face Scrub [ Price: Rs.56 ]

After doing my daily chores the first thing I do is find my hairband and start scrubbing with Himalaya Neem scrub. They are one of the best-selling scrubs In the market in India as well as overseas.

What I like is the herbal fragrance that it provides post-application and trust me you will notice some difference after washing off the residue.

It is meant to remove all the dust ad grim that has settled on your face and also take care of the dead skin and whiteheads. (Definitely not for blackheads)

The brand claims to – 1. Remove excess oil 2. Is a good blend of neem and apricot, 3. It has anti-bacterial properties 4. And is dermatologically tested.

My face after washing off feels soft and less heavy, also I noticed some of my stubborn blemishes have started to fade. So yes, 4/5, please 😊

Not convinced? Take a look at what Indian Beauty Hub has to say.

Step 2: Himalaya Purifying Neem Peel-Off Mask Review –  [ Price: Rs.72 ]

So, once you get rid of the upper dirt layer, get some cold water and with the help of a cotton ball dab all over your face for the pores to settle coz you know, they are now in utter shock.

After letting the pores know everything is fine, we shall move on to pampering the skin with a great peel off mask like this one, again from Himalaya. It is somewhat like Everyouth’s Orange Peel-Off Mask but green in colour.

Okay, 15 minutes up! Gently remove the dried up mask (while enjoying the satisfying feeling of doing it 😛 #cheapthrills) Time to wash off the residue as well.

By now you might have noticed how grateful your skin is which can be seen the way it radiates with a subtle glow.

Step 3: Aloe Veda Aloe Gel Review –  [ Price: Rs.94 ]

A detailed review is on my IG handle about this one and how this is going to be my companion for a long period.

Just to mention, it is one of the best aloe vera gel in the market and I feel it is underrated. I confess it is better than Patanjali aloe vera gel of which I was a fan of.

Instead of going for a long and boring review let me keep it simple, for any product to work, the following is mandatory:

A) It has to hydrate your skin to the extent the difference is visible almost instantly, Of course, not drastically.

B) A good absorption rate, I mean I am damn lazy to wait for a cream to be absorbed.

C) Minimum to no chemicals – I don’t know about others but anything with chemicals as a major ingredient is a no-no for me.

And not joking, this gel covers all of the above. See for yourself….

skincare routine
Happy me post skin care

*Tick* *Tick* *Tick*

I think that’s about it lovelies 😊

I would love to hear your go-to products if there are any 😊

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