The Girl in Room 105 Book Review – My Honest Take

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One thing is certain, this book is SO MUCH different from the past ones by Chetan Bhagat.

Many of us know his stint as a dance show judge and till date I couldn’t figure out the reason behind making him – an author, to judge a reality dance show. Anyway, that’s a different tangent altogether.

Back to his recent work, ‘The Girl in Room 105’ which came out last year, the summary and the tagline goes like this–

This book in author words is an unlove story and that is specifically what made me pick this book because like any other Chetan bhagat non-follower would do, I was too fed up of his cliché love angles and the hyped lead characters.

This book was dead opposite and I would say his best work till date. I am not a hater and I am open to reading books which sucks us into its storyline.

I have to agree, this book got me at its summary. Here is the video link of the teaser for this book. Yes, a teaser for a book launch.

So, if you have watched the video, you might have got the hint already, but if not here is the short summary.

A heads-up -#SpoilerAlert-

The story starts with Keshav who is obsessed with his ex-girlfriend so much so that he never gives up stalking her. He has a friend who always has his back. They work as faculty members in a private JEE coaching centre a.k.a they are tutors.

Both are from prestigious universities with Keshav being an IIT pass out but both are stuck there due to their hard luck.


Keshav’s ex-girlfriend is a bright Kashmiri girl and like many is a rebel protesting and voicing against the government and all that. Keshav almost immediately falls for Zara Lone the moment he saw her at a debate competition.

They meet somehow only to part ways due to regional, family and personal conflicts. But the twist is when after years Keshav actually tries to forget her and she pings him on her birthday and asks him to meet her at the campus (she being the PhD student at IIT) just like old times.

Surprised and amused by her text, Keshav and his friend Saurabh immediately start to make a quick visit even in an inebriated condition.

As he reaches, he finds her dead and it was somewhat obvious that this wasn’t a suicide but a meticulously planned murder.

Question is who is the perpetrator? Now there are many suspects in this case but the watchman of the campus – Laxman is held for the crime and is put behind the bars.

The Twists begin…

Keshav is sure Laxman is not the one and hence starts his private investigation. The Inspector in charge though at first was not supportive, gave in later upon making an agreement that if the case is solved, he should be given the sole credits.

Accepting the deal, Keshav and his friend start on their mission to find the killer.

There are many political angles regarding Kashmir which obviously includes terrorist angle as well. I loved the way Mr Bhagat has subtly dealt with this topic but putting the point across as to why Kashmiris need to understand that the Indian Govt. is trying it’s best. Plus, point for that 😊

So, as the story comes to the climax, there are many possible suspects, from the deceased’s father to her stepbrother, to her PhD professor and a third character which gets introduced after almost halfway through the read.

Raghu (Zara Lone’s fiancé/ bf) is grateful for all the efforts taken by Keshav in spite of the cold war between.

Apparently, Raghu was in Hyderabad as he worked there. The police cross-checked the information when he said he was attacked by some goons and was hospitalised on the same night the murder took place.

There are many twists and ultimately Raghu turns out to be the main culprit and his execution to conduct this murder was spot on until Keshav holds him with evidence.


Show Time!

Somewhere down the line, I had a hunch that Raghu might be the one in spite of having strong evidence of his absence and an alibi who was there to confirm his presence in the hospital.

Keshav somehow cracks the code, connects the dot and voila! There is the killer.

Now, the story is brilliantly conveyed because there were no loose ends and every puzzle fits properly keeping the reader hooked.

The killer, Raghav tries to justify by clearing out his intention behind killing her which sheds light on the helpless situation. But again resorting to killing shouldn’t be the solution.

Honestly, I felt sorry for all the three – Raghu, Keshav and Zara.

This book is a rollercoaster ride filled with comedy, emotions and passion.

My Verdict

Do give a try to this ‘unlove story’ keeping prejudices aside. I would suggest to read it even if you bore hatred towards Mr.Bhagat.

After completing, I immediately saw the reviews and surprisingly this thriller fiction had a maximum of positive response.

Great work, Mr Bhagat!

Hope to read more such plots and less of nonsensical love tales.

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