Rewind 2019: My Accomplishments and 3 Incredible Life Hacks

Hurt people I love dearly, faced some unpleasant situation in my last workplace, felt like an utter loser, got lost in the whirlpool of anxiety, had no clue where I am heading towards in life. Yes, every single thing I faced but things happen for good to give you a better grip over your life.

This year like every other year is going to be full of resolutions, aspirations, passion and colors, I want to highlight two main G –Gratitude and Gratification

I have spent most of my time in the year 2019 contemplating about things that were not even there to worry about in the first place. Thanks to my dear monkey mind.

As 2020 neared and I was ready to bid a sweet goodbye to 2019, I realized how important it is look back and count your blessings.

I know by now people (including me) have already started jotting down to-do lists and important pointers that need to be remembered for a longer run. Also, I cannot stress enough on how significant it is to maintain a journal, a diary or a simple notepad would also do. But if you are not one of them, Do It Now and thank me later.

Be crystal clear on what you want and start the drill. I have managed to pull off some of the crucial things last year and the credits go to journaling and with that, I would say a dazzling 2020 awaits you.

Life Hacks I Can Bet On

Before I start, I would like to share the powerful life hacks followed by millions in pursuit of happiness. The very reason I could strike out the goals (which has now apparently turned into achievements) is the life hacks listed below

Rather than focusing on the glass which is half empty, let us start on focusing on the half-filled glass. I have to yet master in choosing to look at the positive side of the situations but I am trying because I am only human after all 😊

1. 2 mins Rule is a savior

This hack is a blessing indeed. If you have a list of tasks in hand and are about to get overwhelmed, leave everything and just filter out things that you can do in 2 mins. Be it small errands, or maybe changing the batteries of a remote, changing pillowcase etc.

I am not saying you should complete the task in 2 mins but st least you can start and maybe complete in less time. Train your mind and lift your ass immediately.

2. Do It Now or Never

This is in synch with the above. If you think you need to do something JUST DO IT that very minute. I know that it is easy said than done, but you know you can pull off 3 out of 5 times if you really wish to do. Start with 10 mins a day and that is all you need.

3. To gift yourself for every small accomplishment

Well, we know how important our closed ones are –  be it our family or friends. They play a great supportive role but the character that plays the most vital part is you yourself.

Recently, I met a friend who makes sure to gift herself even for the smallest accomplishments and that is something that, in her words, motivates her. I simply love this idea of SELF LOVE

I immediately grabbed this idea and planned to surprise myself with something different and not the regular luxury/cosmetic stuff. I wanted something to look at and cherish the wonderful moments I got to experience. I got to know about these cutesy photobooks that keep all your snaps intact and for you to celebrate your favourite moments.

zoomin photobooks

I mean look at the adorable hardcover with such a clean canvas to display your pictures. Impeccable, isn’t it?

I never knew such a thing is available in India until I got to know about ZoomIn photobooks.

zoomin photobooks

I am now intrigued by their 2020 planners as well. The size I got is 5’’ hardcover with 25 pages but there is a very convenient feature to customize.

If you feel it is a luxury, let me tell you a secret, their collection starts from just Rs. 199 😊

I felt that’s a steal and boom I can now carry my moments around, flipping through photos that can instantly bring a smile on my face.

Time to look at what I could achieve last year that I am proud of immensely

I had to take a pause before writing down this to refer Quora on what really accomplishments meant. I mean some of them have listed crazy stuff so I had to filter out and take points which matched mine to the T.

  • Started blogging after a year gap

Something I have been wanting to do for months but procrastination became my close friend. I finally managed to start my blogging again and found a solution.

My problem was I was looking at the quantity and not the quality and that hit me hard. I realized that I want to do blogging out of passion and hence instead of overburdening myself with the number of articles I set a realistic goal and decided to publish just 2 articles/month.

Guess what, I did it and eventually that shifted to 3 and sometimes 4 articles / month. So yeah, setting realistic goals is the key really.

  • Started Instagram Page

Oh my! It has been a great journey. Not bragging but in the last 4 months, I made it to around 2.8k followers, 100 posts and a good engagement rate as well.

I interacted with so many good people there who guided me throughout.

Seriously learnt so much and I am still keen on delivering more quality content.

  • Working out for at least 4 times a week

workout at home

The initial stages were tough but this certainly pumped up my mood and confidence level too. I make it a point to work out at home for at least 10 mins in the morning which includes –

  • Squats – 20 reps
  • Jumping fox – 40 jumps
  • Donkey kicks – 15reps
  • Stretches
  • Hand exercise with dumbbells – 15reps
  • Mountain climbing – 25reps

And variations of all of the above. I like to keep 4 of them constant and change others so that the routine doesn’t get dull midways. I no longer drag myself and look forward to doing more.

  • Started following productive and resourceful channels and ignoring arbitrary scrolling on Youtube

Seriously guys, random scrolling needs to stop.

Instead watch something productive, something you can relate to personally or professionally.

I have started following some awesome YouTubers and I got to learn so much without baking myself. Some of my favs are –

Fit Tuber – This guy is awesome with tips, tricks and lovely trivia that he shares for a healthy life. His channel is mostly about health but he makes it a point to share new stuff in a crisp and simple manner.

The Futur – Since I am interested in UX / UI stuff, I find this a very cool and informative channel to indulge in.

7- second Riddles – I download one or two of them to watch offline during my commuting hours. There are some good brain teasers.

LinguaMarina – You know for that constant cup of vocabulary and English dose. She is pretty cool and very focused.

Sadhguru and Gaur Gopal Das for spiritual cleansing. Sometimes their witty statements enlighten or at least makes you feel like you are enlightened.

…and many more…

  • Started Painting as a hobby
acrylic painting

A real stress buster. As I paint, I feel as if all my worries are at one end of the rope and my art time is on the other. This is my recent found love and I feel like I should continue it whenever possible. I try to do at least one piece on the weekends.

  • Thought myself front end / UI and completed multiple Udemy courses


Ah, this I feel is something I am really proud of. Of course, there were some good souls who guided me but again practice is the key to learn anything. I still look for some potential courses on Udemy and work on honing my skills.

  • Decluttering my things often

After I complete my chores and the cleaning, it feels like some achievement. Also, by the end after cleaning my closet I feel like I can run the world for real.

  • Drank 4 bottles of water instead of 1 / day

This I started doing recently. I always thought the hydration thing is overrated, I mean just look at the annoying tone actresses tend to do when they stress out saying ‘ Drink water at least 6 times a day and bla bla’

But I agree, this thing works! My skin does behave well when I hydrate myself often. I need to improve more but at least I am doing better at this point in time.

  • Read 17 Books

Now, I planned for 24 books last year and the result is 17. Too less for a reader but I am proud of the progress. For a girl who barely read, this is sure progress. I am hoping to hit 32 this year with 2.5 books a month as a target. #crossfingers

book reading for beginners

If you are someone who is struggling to instil reading habit I your daily routine as well check out my previous blog wherein I have listed book reading hacks for beginners. Give it a shot and if you don’t feel resourceful in first few lines, please feel free to skip 🙂

Note: The above is in random order and has equal importance in my list.

With that, I leave up to you to own your life the way you want and I am sure you are going to do it like a boss.

Have a splendid year ahead, you guys


lilacandwits 😊

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