HONEST Review on Qurez Mattifying Sunscreen

This is going to be completely honest and based on my personal experience. Now, let’s dig more into Qurez SPF.

Skincare is subjective so the product might have a different effect on different skin.

The two things I like wearing these days are SPF and lip balms. They have been my partners for quite some time especially since the lockdown. I got to try different SPFs during this time and Qurez was in my list for a long time. I had already completed the one from Derma Essentia and I thought this to be the perfect time to try the Qurez SPF.

Notable features:

  • SPF 50 UVA + UVB
  • Mattifying mineral sunscreen (UV filters which are generally used in SPFs that penetrates the skin and might trigger skin allergy, skin sensitivity and also skin cancer as per the recent studies)
  • Free of Oxybenzone  and OMC
  • Comes with Sea buckthorn (other than healing wounds and sunburns, this ingredient  also It may also promote elasticity and protect against dryness.), Aloe, and Vitamin E
  • Claims to suit all skin types
  • FDA Approved
  • Paraben Free and artificial fragrance-free

This is what I honestly feel about Qurez SPF-

I have been using consistently for the last 2 months and though I heard some mixed reviews on this one I somehow felt that this might be a good option.

The points that attracted me was the good amount SPF, Its mattifying property and presence of aloe and vitamin E in it. These three pointers are something I expect in almost most of the skin products.

The first 2 days I tried it, not gonna lie, I felt the formulation is chalky and had second thoughts on it. I tried to modify the routine by starting off with a toner followed by a good moisturizer and then immediately the sunscreen. Left it for 5 mins and it got absorbed by the skin. A few minutes later my skin felt firm and supple. No trace of patches after that. It naturally got blended with my skin and I felt comfortable. Once absorbed, my skin remained fresh and non-greasy for a good 4-6 hrs according to my personal experience.

So, looking at all this I would definitely say that this is my second favourite after the SPF from Derma Essentia that I got for PR. I got Qurez SPF from Amazon at Rs. 450.

Will I continue using this?

This has certainly been an impressive buy and I certainly vouch for this. I wanna try one last SPF from Loreal and I guess that would end my voyage to find that perfect SPF for my sensitive skin.

Who can use it?

  • Sensitive and combination skin can definitely try.
  • Even will suit oily skin.
  • Not sure if this is suitable for dry skin. Coupled with a good moisturizer can have a better effect.

If I wanna change something about this product?

The texture can be improved and the white patches that appear at the start of the application are something I don’t want especially when I am in a hurry.

Overall, yes, I would buy it again and maybe find something else for when I am in a hurry. Before I wrap up, a QUICK TIP: apply the remains of the SPF at the back of your palms and around the neck area to prevent skin from sunburns and early signs of wrinkles. This you can do with any SPF, in general, to keep your skin young and non-saggy.

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