Purplle Matte Ultra HD Mini liquid Swatches

I got the latest Purplle Mate Ultra HD Mini liquid Swatches which are in the shades – My First Hug 5, My First Selfie 6, My First Sleepover 10 All of them well under Rs. 200. I can hence say this is one of the affordable lipstick range in India.

These three shades from the Purplle mini-HD range from which two of them will suit almost all Indian skin tones falling under medium to olive to dusky skin tone. 

This liquid matte lipstick range retails for Rs.153 for 1.6ml and claims to be infused with Vitamin E, the high color payoff with intense pigmentation.

Attributes according to Purplle:

  • Matte finish to give that ultra-soft lips
  • Cruelty-free
  • Toxicity Free
  • Long-lasting and smudge-proof
  • Transfer and water-resistant

Personally, I feel, that it does provide a decent color payoff, it is pure matte and smudge-free as well. Stays up to a good 6-7 hours and is water-resistant.

Do I feel comfortable wearing it? – YES

Easy to remove it? – NO, not at all. You need to use a minimum of 5 – 6 balls of cotton to get rid of these matte lipsticks.

Let’s look at the shades that I got.

1) My First Hug 5 Swatch

purplle mini liquid matte lipstick - my first hug

As you can see this does not really suit my skin tone. This is the shade that I almost hate. I guess this will look good on fairer skin tones. Not a good choice for wheatish and dusky skin tones.

2) My First Selfie 6 Swatch

purplle mini liquid matte lipstick - My first selfie

This liquid lipstick is better than the one above and can go well when paired up with light color clothing.

3) My first Sleepover 10 Swatch

This liquid matte swatch speaks for itself. It does make your skin look a shade darker but gives this bold look that I enjoy.

I personally liked ‘My First Sleepover 10’ but again the color looks good in daylight. You can check all other shades before picking one.

It dries up almost instantly post-application leaving you with matted lips. I can vouch for this if you are looking for pure matte lipsticks.

It is not moisturizing at all but gives a smooth finish if that’s what you are looking for. The colors are pretty much for occasional wear and maybe there is a shade or two for daily use in this Purplle mini liquid lipstick range.

The packaging is cool and the size of the lipstick is travel-friendly.

In conclusion, there are a lot of hits and misses but overall, I liked the color payoff and how pigmented it is. So, a decent pick for occasional wear for sure!.

Will I buy it again? – No, I don’t think so. I think I am satisfied with what I have from the Purplle mini HD range. Do share what you think 🙂

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