My Go-To Skin Care Products – Mini Biotique Review

So here I am trying reviewing my recent beauty buy. The 3 wonders of Biotique that I am going to

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Creepiest Paintings and The CRAZY Back Stories- 1/3

This would be a series of three celebrated artist and their paintings as there are so much interesting details involved

Sita- warrior of mithila book review

Book Review : Sita – Warrior Of Mithila

While I’m still cherishing each word from the book – Sita (warrior of Mithila), its quite exciting to know that

Toad Vs Frog – Crocodile Vs Alligator – Hare Vs Rabbit – Turtle Vs Tortoise

What is that creature which hops, small and kind of ugly usually found in damped areas? Frog right? NO, its


The Famous Women Cult in Rome – The Vestal Virgins

What if I tell you about this cult of priestesses who were held in high regard throughout Rome but were

menstruation problems

Gross Sanitary Products Used by Women in the Past

Did you know wood, sand, old rags, wool, papyrus fibres are some of the things used by women to deal