skincare tips

Either Wash or Abandon These For Naturally Glowing Skin

This topic has been polluting my head ever since I saw some of the things that we do knowingly or

playlist to pump up mood

7 Top Music to Pump Up Your Mood

I won’t say music is everything for me or that I am a music enthusiast but definitely agree that music

2020 planner

Rewind 2019: My Accomplishments and 3 Incredible Life Hacks

Hurt people I love dearly, faced some unpleasant situation in my last workplace, felt like an utter loser, got lost

menstruation cycle

Menstruation Cycle in Layman’s Term – (25 sec Read)

I remember I was in 8th grade, free as a bird never wished for what I had to face in

Secret Santa Gift Ideas - Under Rs.500

12 Secret Santa Gift Ideas for Your Colleagues – Under Rs. 500

It’s gift season guys!! While we are about to start a new year, a BRAND NEW YEAR, it is important

Witty Comebacks to those Irksome Sexist Comments

Kickass Comebacks to those Irksome Sexist Comments

Hey, breathe and get back in the kitchen, will you? A dialogue I have heard not from my family or

Netflix India

If you are the kind of person who happily pays their monthly share of Rs.200 only to get stuck in