Menstruation Cycle in Layman’s Term – (25 sec Read)

I remember I was in 8th grade, free as a bird never wished for what I had to face in the coming years. Finally, one fine day puberty happened.

This is not just my story; it is what each and every girl unwillingly accepts in her growing years.

Though it is a painful process (most of the time) I am amazed and often wonder why and how the almighty or the supreme power above designed this only for women.

Is it because we women are strong enough or is it because we have more patience and compassion as compared to the other gender? Or is it both?

Anyway, I just have one complaint. I don’t know how it is elsewhere, but I wasn’t given a suitable explanation when I got my first period.

Questions like Why me? What the heck is this? How long? Are the questions that popped up almost instantly.

I also used to giggle earlier at men, be my younger brother or male colleagues and batch mates when they had no clue what we women are chit-chatting about, especially when instead of verbally communicating we used techniques like whispering or use sign languages to communicate about our cycle.

Those days! Haha 😊

Even after so many years, many of us don’t know what this is and mind you it is a very serious problem. It is essential that a person irrespective of the gender knows what this entire process is and understand thoroughly.

Check out the video at the end of this article to know exactly how women feel. I found this randomly and I knew for sure I HAVE TO SHARE THIS. Gold!!

To simplify the confusion, I am going to elaborate in the simplest way possible without using technical words.

So firstly, what is menstruation? and how is it related to ovulation?

Menstruation cycle occurs every month to species born as a woman which lasts for about 28 days a month out of which women tend to bleed for 3-6 days.

menstrual cycle graph

Why do women shed blood Exactly?

Menstruation is a monthly event that occurs within a woman’s body in preparation for the possible pregnancy.

The body undergoes a process called ovulation where an ova are released from ovaries through the ovarian follicle.

This is stimulated by the pituitary gland in the brain.

The ova is then transported to uterus lining which thickens during the ovulation.

The released ova is swept to the neighbouring fallopian tube where a vital thing called fertilization happens – The main culprit behind the birth of homo sapiens.

Ova or egg may be fertilized and if it does then the sperm and the egg combine to form a single entity called Zygote.

menstruation cycle

This when lands to the uterus lining are either implanted there or get absorbed by the lining if it is not fertilized.

At the final stage, there two possibilities A) if fertilized – zygote is nourished by the lining and B) The entire lining sheds away if it doesn’t receive a fertilized egg.

And that’s why the blood ladies and gentlemen. You got it right the blood is nothing but the unused nourish bed that naturally is formed inside the uterus.


I hope the above was lucid enough for you to understand.

Indian parents are slightly conservative when it comes to explaining this to their children. Though the scenario has changed and today I have seen parents not only are good with explaining to their little girls but also to their sons. Something I am proud of belonging to the 21st century.

For people who still feel it uncomfortable, I got you covered. Here is a guide to get you out of the situation and still make your kid aware of the menstrual cycle in simple words.

Wait, do not move an inch..

This video has hit the right expression when it comes to the process women go through. Good job team #glamour. Seriously guys give 2 mins is all I ask for.

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