Kickass Comebacks to those Irksome Sexist Comments

Hey, breathe and get back in the kitchen, will you? A dialogue I have heard not from my family or relatives but surprisingly from my ex-colleagues with whom I worked for a year or so. That hit me, I felt overwhelmed and couldn’t think for a moment.

I was not only shaken by the statement but also by the fact that someone you know very well can come up with something like that just to prove a point.

I so wanted to punch his face hard but refrained my urge and thought of composing myself and find a civil way to get back at him.

This is how I react every time something shitty like that is thrown at me.

If you are a girl, you might have been in a similar situation too. I bet! Relax, I hear you and I composed a list of sharp and apt comebacks that can easily pierce through the ego that has been resting inside ‘some men’ of course!

Initially, I used to throw shades at them and make sure to get back at them with some rude and blunt statements. This ultimately ended with tiresome conversations which I never wanted to do with that person in the first place.

 I never felt satisfied as all I wanted was to wear an evil smile and just give them back smoothly skipping the arguments.

I also hate when I ask a guy about a particular topic, he goes round about everything related to it just to show off his intellect quotient and wasting my time. Apparently that has a name – ‘Mansplaining’.

Tip for guys – Guys, stop doing that! It makes you look less attractive and has more please-punch-me tone to it.

I finally got some time to check out some cool and absolutely bittersweet comebacks that have been shared by ladies all over the world. I read a lot of hilarious comebacks but filtered out a few which I felt can be used in my life. *wink*

ENJOY! And to the guys with no intensions of disrespecting girls, this is not for you. You can make your way out BC things are about to get crazy!

When they start with “I’m not trying to be rude, but…”

Reply: “I’m not trying to be rude, but I don’t care about your opinion.”

“You’re not like other girls”   

Reply: “First of all, I’m much worse and secondly, what’s wrong with other women?”

“Well someone’s on their period”

Reply: NO! But you will Definitely get to know when I am on it.

“Can’t you take a joke?”

Reply: “Oh! Is that what you were trying to do there?”

“You are too pretty to be a professional”

Reply: Aww, you are pretty too. Pretty stupid!

“Common smile now, will you?”

Reply: No, I am kind of sad. Sorry to hear about your brain. Where did you lose it again?

“Oh, you are still single? It must be REALLY tough, huh?”

Reply: Oh, I see you have a peanut-sized brain, it must be REALLY tough, huh?

“You have a pretty face. Just lose some weight and you will be perfect”

Reply: The way you lost your tiny-whiny brain?


Do you remember when I asked for your opinion? Me neither!

“Period Cramps? That’s just an excuse!”

Reply: You are an excuse for a human being. I just hope you don’t die dumb!

“Any similarity between women and good drivers is purely hypothetical.”

Reply: Any similarity between you and human is purely coincidental!

I know, they are awesome! Try it some time, you will enjoy the dramatic pause.

Such hideous comments are constantly thrown at women especially when they are at a commendable position in the workplace, or have authority in making family decisions. In that case, not only men but even women join the club calling out names such as a slut or whore.

A great way to combat such situations is to take a second, consider the words you are about to spill and give them the taste of their own medicine in the most poised manner.

That way you can bust their ego without feeling overwhelmed, put a smile on and walk out with dignity 😊

Now there have been incidents when my friends from the opposite gender wouldn’t mean such things to the least but I took them the other way. So ladies, pause and make sure if you are about to call out innocent claims. Have a word and explain what you felt.

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