Healing Clay Blends – Red Clay Lip Tint Honest Review

Love Love Love Indian brands in general especially the recent advent by such brands when it comes to personal care and beauty is commendable. One recent find is the lip tint from Healing Clay Blends. Now some of you may or may not get a bit uncomfortable, but it is what it is.

I absolutely love hoarding lip tints and basically what these tints do is lay a hint of colour on your lips by merely dabbing a bit of the product or layering them as per your choice.

Even when it comes to lip balms, I look out for the tinted ones cause who doesn’t like a bit of drama.

The one I got recently is the red clay tint from Healing Clay Blends which has this deep reddish-brown colour. Now, as much as I loved the gorgeously pigmented texture of this product, I also don’t like some of its aspects.


The packaging is amazing. I personally like glass bottles and glass packaging in general and this one comes in this little glass jar with an airtight lid. Nothing fancy which is how I like skincare products to be. That might sound a little weird but I just feel it looks authentic.


This is a semi-matte lip tint which is basically a beautiful mixture of shea butter, beeswax, coconut oil and the star of the show – ‘Red Clay’.  No added fragrance and feels very organic.


No complaints. The application is pretty smooth, glides on your lips like butter and looks decent too.


This costs for Rs. 300 – 15ml excluding shipping charges and there is also 10gms for Rs.200

My Personal Take:

So here is an honest take on this one. I got it 3 – 4 months back and I used for not more than 5 times.

I am all for pigmented, tinted lip products but what bothers me about this particular product is how easily it gets smudged and looks a bit unpleasant near the boundary of the lips.

Also, the hydrating factor is not much which is kind of disappointing to me as I had set such high expectations based on all the reviews online. I didn’t feel comfortable wearing it. Definitely not for winters!

healigclayblend liptint review

Now, I completely understand, owing to the budget, I can’t expect a zillion of things but a bit of hydration and less smudging is what I had hoped from this one. The reason I am saying this is because it is not transfer-proof so you need to be careful while consuming your favourites Rasmalai or fresh lime juice.

healigclayblend liptint review

Again, this is budget-friendly and home-grown also the quantity is commendable and perfect for a quick makeup with a light dab on your cheeks or eyelids maybe but I guess not my best bet.

I know this must be a bit on-the-face especially for bloggers and skincare enthusiasts who vouch for this product, but I want to say that this is purely an opinion that is based on my personal experience.

I still want to try their clay masks and the lip scrubs, lip balm range. Guess this particular product is not for me.

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