Either Wash or Abandon These For Naturally Glowing Skin

This topic has been polluting my head ever since I saw some of the things that we do knowingly or unknowingly and its time we stop it!! On priority Please.

First things first – A diet to swear by, a SIMPLE skincare regime and good skincare habits. I stress on simple because all this overwhelming and fancy skincare has become so contagious, that the skin finally gives up before breaking up.

Not to mention, many of us underestimate the last one and fall into the pit thinking you can Google out for some other solution only to worsen the existing phase and the cycle repeats.

Are you guilty of doing it? Well, you still have time and I am sure you are going to survive if not from anything else, from acne attacks for sure😊    

#1 Pillowcase is your worst enemy

Now I agree and completely understand how tired and droopy our eyes are till the time we hit the sack. But before retiring to bed stop and think about the zillion bacteria waiting to relish on its prey a.k.a your skin.

All you need to do is wash your pillowcase at least once a week and lay your skin on fresh and tidy covers.

#2 ‘Hi’ says the germs on your phone

I can’t emphasize enough how important it is to STOP tagging in your phone forcefully into the loo. I mean take some chill pill and do your deeds in the most possible way.

Give your handset a break and have your moment. Stay away from your device till you wash your hands and if you want to make that special call, do mind he/ she is not gonna enjoy the unwanted rashes due to the phone cover. I mean, its quarantine season, it is high time we gear up on the basic hygiene practices.

For those who will argue saying, they will accept us the way we are, STOP IT! it is pure BS because if that acne is because of poor hygiene any body will think twice before I proceed.

#3 Touching your skin – * pchk pchk *

Only when we walk the talk, we are eligible to speak out about a particular issue.

I for sure was a girl with million thoughts that runs a mini-marathon in my little head without even realizing that my finger is touching my face. I once saw a clip where Kim K shares this precious tip to her sister – Kylie Jenner, “never ever touch your face”

I don’t know about the rest of her antics, but this one tip is for sure a great takeaway.

If you feel like scratching, rub a little with back of your palm and not harass your skin, or your scalp for that matter. Keep it gentle. It will help to decrease the exposure of the germs to other areas.


#4 Feminine Hygiene needs to be in check

I have this awesome thing to share which did a great lot to maintain healthy skin.

You might have heard about toilet cover/sheet and Pee safe spray but this little invention has taken women hygiene to another level.

No more positioning into flight mode to pee, why you wonder? Well, there is this thing called pee funnel which is available on Amazon and I got it immediately.

For frequent travellers, this is a saviour. Pick this up and you no more have to face the discomforting and pathetic conditions of any washroom ever again.

Your welcome!

Find the link here if you are wondering where to get them.

Also, people tend to clean their phones with regular anti-bacterial wipes or with sanitizers which is actually hazardous to your handset. Instead, invest in cleansers that are specifically formulated to clean mobile phones.

#5 Do Not Buy Expensive Skincare Products

Now I am not an expert, but one thing that I have learnt in my 26 years of mortality is, you don’t need to invest in some fancy horrendously priced products that do nothing other than breaking your bank. Get it, it’s a loot, not even qualified to be called as a marketing Gimmick.

Of course, there are some good brands which genuinely have decent products but think multiple times before you actually buy them.

A simple aloe vera gel can also do miracles if your skin is not behaving. I would recommend you to try the cheap and best Aloe gel out there like the one from Patanjali, or aloe vera gel from Aloe Veda. I use Aloe Veda’s mostly for my skin. Trust me these are by far the best aloe gels in India.

Aloe vera does a really great job especially for acne-prone skin since it tends to calm the irritated skin cells that are infected with bacteria.

Well, these are some of the easiest ways to take care of your skin naturally.

The science of maintaining healthy skin is not rocket science in the first place. I will keep it nice and crisp – Wash your towels well and use them at their best possible conditions and keep them moisturized or you are going to face the consequences, hon,

Happy Reading Folks!

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