Creepiest Paintings and The CRAZY Back Stories- 1/3

This would be a series of three celebrated artist and their paintings as there are so much interesting details involved in each of them, I take the liberty to distribute in three parts.

Allow me to start with an artistic tone-

“There is no blue without yellow and without orange” …Very deep, right?

Certainly, it is! The quote is by the famous Dutch post-impressionist painter – Vincent Van Gogh himself.

If you haven’t already seen or heard about The Starry Nights, the controversial Self-Portrait with Bandaged ear and the Portrait of Dr.Gachet, you know nothing John snow!


On a serious note, you should definitely check out some of his work which though for some ignorant folks (including me) is queer and inexplicable, but artists and art collectors consider them to be a priceless possession.

Enough talking, time to check some really unusual experiences with which these haunted paintings have travelled through time.

The Dead Mother- circa, 1899 – Edvard Munch

Ever heard of – The Scream? No not the movie but this painting by the Scandinavian artist – Edvard Munch. According to him, he created this piece after hearing an endless screaming course while strolling around with his friends.

But, that’s not the scariest one. Edward Munch’s The Dead Mother is the one considered as the spookiest amongst the lot.

dead mother

Many have claimed that the little girl’s eye in the painting followed them as they moved around the room and also heard an occasional rustling of the dead mother’s bed cover.

Viewers have often complained about the tightness they felt in their chest and an overwhelming experience right after they have a closer look at this picture. They hear murmuring in the back of their mind and have experienced some tormented visions of the painting for a really long time.

It is still not clear whether the girl standing in front of her mother’s corpse is Edward’s little sister who is closing her ears out of disbelief or it is simply how Edward felt after his only medium of comfort passed away.

According to the reports, Edward Munch has gone through a series of melancholy. The premature death of his mother due to Tuberculosis when he was just five shook him badly.

edvard munch

It didn’t stop there and he later went through the trauma of losing his beloved sister whom he considered no less than a mother. Soon after that, he faced the continual death row of his siblings, mostly due to poor lung conditions and respiratory diseases eventually losing everyone he loved.

His father was also the victim of the drastic conditions and fate didn’t spare his life as well.

Edward was physically, emotionally and mentally abused by his father before he left his mortal vessel. He would read him ghastly and horrific writings and specific passages from Bible which dealt with hell, fire, sin intensifying the depression.

Unarguably, that’s too much to take for a young child.

It is said that all these events had a devastating impact on the Norwegian painter which led him to express his sorrow through his art.  This kind of art later gave birth to a unique style of painting called ‘Expressionism’.

Currently, the painting now stands at Kunsthalle, Bremen, Germany and has spent its entire existence in museums.

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