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10 Sassy / Funny Women Quotes and Saying

Scrolling across random post is the norm but a perfect quote can give a pleasant jolt to an otherwise sober

Foreign words in English

5 Foreign Words You Can Use in your Daily Conversation

If Hola or Ola is what you say when you meet your squad, you have made a smooth landing. This

PCOS in 3 minutes

PCOS Explained in Just 3 Minutes

Women have facial hair, deal with it! A few months back I was okay with this fact until I saw

dead mother

Creepiest Paintings and The CRAZY Back Stories- 1/3

This would be a series of three celebrated artist and their paintings as there are so much interesting details involved

Sita- warrior of mithila book review

Book Review : Sita – Warrior Of Mithila

While I’m still cherishing each word from the book – Sita (warrior of Mithila), its quite exciting to know that

Toad Vs Frog – Crocodile Vs Alligator – Hare Vs Rabbit – Turtle Vs Tortoise

What is that creature which hops, small and kind of ugly usually found in damped areas? Frog right? NO, its


The Famous Women Cult in Rome – The Vestal Virgins

What if I tell you about this cult of priestesses who were held in high regard throughout Rome but were