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Witty Comebacks to those Irksome Sexist Comments

Kickass Comebacks to those Irksome Sexist Comments

Hey, breathe and get back in the kitchen, will you? A dialogue I have heard not from my family or

Netflix India

If you are the kind of person who happily pays their monthly share of Rs.200 only to get stuck in

easy crafts to do at home

5 Insanely Easy DIYS to Kill the Weekend Taylor Swiftly!

This is a collection of insanely easy DIYS using things you already have around your house. Also, perfect for beginners

gitrl in the room 105

The Girl in Room 105 Book Review – My Honest Take

Genre: Crime, Fiction, Thriller      3.5/5 Goodreads One thing is certain, this book is SO MUCH different from the past ones

strange beauty standards

5 Shocking Women Beauty Standards Around the World

This is a little sensitive topic and can make you a bit uncomfortable as well, so here’s a heads-up. Still

Beginners Guide to a Long Term Reading Habit

When I started out reading it was all about making pompous claims on how books are much better than their

10 Sassy / Funny Women Quotes and Saying

Scrolling across random post is the norm but a perfect quote can give a pleasant jolt to an otherwise sober