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7 Female Youtubers

7 Female Youtubers I love and Adore

If you don’t know about these female Youtubers, which world are you living In? I am going to introduce you

Best highlighters in india

5 Best Highlighters for Indian Skin – Under Rs. 300

If you don’t know about these glossy beauties already, which rock were you living under? Kiddin! TBH, finest inventions truly.

list of misspelled words

10 Commonly Misspelt Words – Quiz 2020

No matter how well you are in terms of spoken English, 90% of the people who took this quiz failed

playlist to pump up mood

7 Top Music to Pump Up Your Mood

I won’t say music is everything for me or that I am a music enthusiast but definitely agree that music

2020 planner

Rewind 2019: My Accomplishments and 3 Incredible Life Hacks

Hurt people I love dearly, faced some unpleasant situation in my last workplace, felt like an utter loser, got lost

menstruation cycle

Menstruation Cycle in Layman’s Term – (25 sec Read)

I remember I was in 8th grade, free as a bird never wished for what I had to face in

Secret Santa Gift Ideas - Under Rs.500

12 Secret Santa Gift Ideas for Your Colleagues – Under Rs. 500

It’s gift season guys!! While we are about to start a new year, a BRAND NEW YEAR, it is important