Book Review : Sita – Warrior Of Mithila

While I’m still cherishing each word from the book – Sita (warrior of Mithila), its quite exciting to know that MY PACKAGE, MY NEXT READ is delivered to my place. It’s one of those books which remains in the cart for like forever till we finally decide to give it a shot. So yeah, I finally decided to end my long-distance relationship with this book.

The book is called – ‘The Untold Story’ by Aroup Chatterji which a cynical take on Mother Teresa’s activities during her stay in Calcutta and some gruesome details on why she is not the person as she is portrayed in the real world. Well, that’s a topic for another day. For now, I would like to just share a glimpse of this book. Trust me the content itself will give you a fair idea of this is going to be.

Mother Teresa : Untold Story

Mother Teresa: Untold Story

Back to my recent read – Sita: Warrior of Mithila

Disclaimer: This is the author’s interpretation of Ramayan trying to connect with millennials so if you are sensitive to it please avoid your encounter with it. No offense meant! 🙂

Sitting on my desk, doing the usual stuff, I wonder why would Samichi do that to Sita?

For those who haven’t yet grabbed their copy, Samichi is the character in this book playing a vital role without us realizing it till the end. Young Sita was rescued by Samichi during her advent to a slum when she had decided to explore the area all by her self and queen Sunaina had the least knowledge about it.

Obviously, she wasn’t ready to be confined within the palace and so the aggressive step but yeah, the result of this wasn’t exactly as Sita had expected it to be. Eventually, queen Sunaina decides to keep Samichi in charge of Sita and her well-being.

The plot is full of twist and turns leaving you feeling numb at one instance and completely astonished at another. During the process of reading, I didn’t have the heart to keep the book down as the plot is well-laid giving some interesting details on the characters involved and the subjects.

Amish’s previous work was never on my list of must-haves but somehow, I ended up buying this one.

So, this is Volume 2 or Book #2 from the Ram Chandra Series, first one being Ram – Scion of Ikshvaku. I picked up the book this impressed by the cover page and also since there is a little like a teeny weeny bit of soft corner for women-centric work. I had to let go of myself, duh!

Firstly, it is nothing like the old school Ramayan series that all of us especially Hindus have grown up listening. Honestly, I found the tale to be a great way to teach wisdom into youngsters but nothing more than that. The book though has changed this perception for the fact that It covers all the dynamics of Ramayan which filled my heart with awe.

Starting with the description of Sita’s valour and intelligence, the book goes on narrating how Sita was found by Queen Sunaina (a woman of honour and self-esteem), how Sita’s life changes from being an orphan to becoming princess of Mithila and how not only Ram but Sita was chosen as Vishnu in spite of being a woman by birth.

I loved the details like why Hanuman is the way he is and that how Sita and Hanuman had a brother-sister relationship even before the introduction of Ram in their lives which was new to me.

Some funny instances where Hanuman is being seduced by these female admirers and how he struggles to keep them at a safe distance without hurting or abusing them. A gigantic and extremely powerful Hanuman displaying all the chivalry that we can only dream. Honestly, it’s a rare sight these days.

BFF goals shared by Sita and Radhika is something I could relate inch by inch. Unexpected demise of Queen Sunaina, Raavan’s mystical plane, the unfinished love story of Radhika and prince Bharat (yes, the heart-breaking element), adorable glimpses of princess Urmila’s (Sita’s younger sister) and prince Lakshman’s (Ram’s devoted brother) love angle more of a love at first sight thingy are some of the parts I thoroughly enjoyed reading.

But the original twist is covered in the final chapters where Ravanan finally takes off kidnapping Sita along with. My heart sank as I got to know how Samichi, a confidant on whom Sita relied on throughout her life was behind the scenes all these days is how this volume is concluded. For e-readers, if you are looking for a pdf version, find it here – Sita Warrior of Mithila pdf and convert it to pdf using ebook pdf converter or any other similar application.

Sita- warrior of mithila book review

My final thoughts – I am certainly going to grab the first book of this series and am already excited for the release of the final volume. This also clears my path to get my hands-on author’s previous hits – The Immortals of Meluha, Nagas and Vaayuputras.


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