7 Top Music to Pump Up Your Mood

I won’t say music is everything for me or that I am a music enthusiast but definitely agree that music lifts your mood almost instantly.

That unwavering trance that we go into when a relatable hymn plays on the background is something everyone must have experienced. That’s the lingering effect music leaves us with knowingly / unknowingly.

Like they say, ‘music is what feeling sounds like

Here are some of the jams that I look forward to listening whenever glumness ascends.

Note: All of them are either Indian Indie, Indie folk, rock music or electronic music.

Now I am not a fan of this genre as well but the artist and band I am going to list will take over your heart in a jiffy. I BET!

Okay so first in my list is Ritviz and some of my favourites are –

  • Udd Gaye By RITVIZ

What I like about his music is that there is some uncanny resemblance to the 90s classics yet fresh. All his songs have a subtle undertone that exists in almost all his hits that can make people guess the artist at the drop of a hat.

Even the visuals are noteworthy and expressive. Mind you, it is not a joke to get 435k subscribers.

My mood post listening to his music will be like – ‘Chuck it, I will manage the situation somehow’

2) When Chai Met Toast   [Genre – POP]

  • Firefly

Now, these two are my absolute favourites in Hindi pop category. They have a devoted fan base all over India as they try to cover Hindi, English and South Indian languages too.

They have a peculiar streak that resonates through every song they release. But the above two is sure to lift your mood 10x times.

3) Nucleya [Genre – Electronic music]

I have never seen these many positive comments that this artist gets on his Youtube videos.

  • I mean check out Laung Gawacha (feat. Avneet Khurmi)

He gives hit after hit and is one of the respected artists in India for his excellent work. Give it a listen if you haven’t already and I am sure you are going to browse through each and every song of his. The playlist is definitely consist of happy songs to lift your mood.

4) Prateik Kuhad [Genre – Indie Music]

Now, this is a guy who went on to become an economist but ended up being a musician for life.

Prateik Kuhad has a massive fan base not only In India but all over the world after his Token and Charms music hit. Originally a writer, Prateik’s name today flashes on a music player for his spot-on lyrics and music.

Especially millennials love his cosy and wistfully tailored songs that make you want to sit near a warm place and snuggle with your loved ones.

Had a break up recently? He has beautiful songs for those as well. Check out some of my favourites –

Be sure to put on earplugs for maximum effect because he only creates songs that exude happy vibes.

5) The Local Train [Genre – Rock Music]

I came across this band recently as Youtube made sure to annoy me with the iterating suggestions. So, I decided to give this band a go and ta-dah, they are now in the blog and my playlist too.

They compose songs which are not only soothing but also is a perfect jam to listen to when you want to forget stuff that torture your mind.

Check my favs –

6) Parekh & Singh [Dream Pop, Folk Music]

Now there was a time when I couldn’t sleep for some reason and used this as a lullaby to sleep. Especially the ones I am going to list out.

 For someone who likes vintage- Ish vibes should listen to their songs –

  • And I love you, baby, I love you doll

Trust me they are very much underrated. I wish they come up with more such blissful music.

I will now move on to artist I recently got to know recently. Hence listing only, the ones I loved personally from their music releases.

7) Agam [Carnatic Music. Progressive Rock]

I don’t know what the hell is a progressive rock but their music does have a tinge of rock music vibes. But the fact that blew my mind was how incredibly these guys manage to tailor Carnatic music and rock together.

You won’t even realise the shift and the transitions. Truly talented and I respect such artist who dedicated themselves experimenting and presenting us with such unique music.

  • Mist of Capricorn

All I am going to say is I have an eccentric taste when it comes to music and it is completely okay until my thirst for music is quenched.

Now, let me tell you, I judge music either by its music or the lyrics but mostly music. Something that has a peculiar musical flavour to it, defying the music spectrum and going beyond.

I will keep on exploring till I find my true genre and till then I am happy humming and swinging around on these jams.

Share your favs so that I can update my playlist too 😊

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