5 Insanely Easy DIYS to Kill the Weekend Taylor Swiftly!

This is a collection of insanely easy DIYS using things you already have around your house. Also, perfect for beginners who want to kill their time productively.

The rule of thumb is to take up something realllly creative yet extremely light or else you would feel exhausted much before you start.

I will also post my work which might inspire anyone who wants to get their creative juice flowing.

These are the easiest ones, some of which were on Pinterest, some of which were self-made and if I get a good response I would love to share other DIYs ideas too.

So, don’t just lay around and please get your ass out of the couch potato mode BC here are some of the cool things I could do and I am sure you can too!

1. Desk accessory need not be boring

Note Holder with a twist

I did this when I was sulking and wondering what to do next. Then I saw this dull note holder and immediately got into action. Now see, that is what we call easy DIY projects for home.

2. Put an end to the Jewelry graveyard sleeping in your dresser

Holder made of bangles and trinkets

All I needed was some of the junk lying around at my place and weave them together. As you can see the bangles give a rustic look added with the knitting thread I had borrowed from my mom, with some paint and little decorative trinkets and we can see a beautiful pen holder. Though I keep it at my dresser using it as my lip balm and eyeliner holder. Trust me, this is the easiest craft for both adults and kids.

3. Let’s stop quitting and start quilling

Paper Quilling

This is one of the best mind healers that can be done when you are bored to the core. Just some sheets of paper and a creative mind is all you need. Check the link for some more ideas that you can do in your free time.

4. Readers can be misers 😊

Easy Bookmark

I don’t know if this is truly DIY stuff but I would proudly consider this one as one the finest creations for readers. Just get some cool sticker, something you resonate with (I adore dolphins) and pick a coffee stirrer to create this cool bookmarker.

5. Get your own bag, will ya?

Newspaper Bag

This is not only eco-friendly but also is an easy DIY that can be sold. This can fuel to the #banplastic cause and make for an easy alternative. This bag easily carries 2 bottles or fruits, so I am sorted for grocery shopping. Make your own.

Check out the easy way to make cheap and best newspaper bags here.


I really love doing such stuff that takes my otherwise crazy wired mind out of the stress zone and trust me this is no less than a healing process.

I just hunt for simple artistic stuff that needs less time, fewer efforts but fruitful outcome and not just that, it’s a pocket-friendly outcome. My mom is an artist apart from an avid reader and she just inspires me and I think I have got the creative genes too. 😊

If you have a good one or two hours to spend to yourself, put your imagination to work, NOW!

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