5 Foreign Words You Can Use in your Daily Conversation

If Hola or Ola is what you say when you meet your squad, you have made a smooth landing. This list of words is carefully picked for you to use them in daily conversations without going overboard.


Katy Perry might give you a better explanation but I will try my best. *wink*

I would like to express the bliss when I hear beautiful French terms and words that convert a conversation into a poem. Love the words and the sound they create.

Bon Appetit is a French term, an expression to say enjoy your meal.

So next time you are in a fancy restaurant with your squad with freshly cooked food in front of you, flaunt your best.


Okay, this one is a formal one mostly used in the sociological and political arena. This is a Latin phrase and means the ‘existing state or affair’. Though this is used in a formal context, people nowadays use it in their daily conversation to sound intellectual maybe.

Example Time: He always liked to maintain the status quo when it comes to crucial matters.


A French phrase which means ‘sheer blunder or error’. It literally translates to false step and an example would be –

That dress she wore is the biggest celebrity fashion Faux Pas


Yo Yo Honey once said —

‘Iss chashme ko hata do
Aankhon ko mila lo
Aankhon ke nashile jaam
Aankhon se pila do
Lagta hum pehle kabhi mile
Ya ho mujhe déjà vu

So, what does Déjà vu mean? Again, a French term which translates to already seen. There will be times when you feel like you have been through a situation or a place before, though you never actually have. But somewhat you feel connected and familiar. That’s nothing but a Déjà vu.

Side Note: I am really sorry if the above verses bothered you 😛

Moving on,


Narcos series has already exposed so many words, but I personally LOVE Spanish slang and ‘Espaniol’ is something on my list of languages to learn.

If you haven’t seen the series, Por Favor means ‘Please’ in Spanish which you can use in both formal and informal way.

Can I get some bread, Por Favor?

I won’t insist on using this often but yeah it is cool with your gang around.

Bonus word-


Another Spanish beauty, this word means ‘Thank You’. It is used by many whenever they want to insert a dramatic element in a conversation.

So, if you really like my article and interested in visiting my blog again, Gracias in advance. 😊




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