5 Best Highlighters for Indian Skin – Under Rs. 300

If you don’t know about these glossy beauties already, which rock were you living under? Kiddin! TBH, finest inventions truly.

Admit it or not, highlighter has become a must-have in every girl’s vanity collection. Either you shine or you don’t. Period!

Tik Tok clips and zillion YouTube videos have already given us goals with the gorgeous faces flaunting shimmery look on their nose, chin and near the point of the arch above eyebrows.

If you are new to this highlighting business, you might wonder how much they must cost approximately. Some of you might also assume them to be painstakingly expensive.

But…But…But, hold your horses, I have got some best highlighters in India which are not only cheap but the best ones out there. Three out of which are my holy grail.

If you don’t believe in what I said, go ahead, be my guest and check for the reviews on the products I am going to share.

Before I proceed, I want to inform beforehand, I hate powdery/chunky products that break the skin easily or get worn off. Also, these highlighters are perfect for Indian skin tone, so, you can expect the best out of the lot from this list.

All you need is just Rs.300 or lesser than that!

1.     Incolor Bronzing Blush – Rs. 295

I have this one. This is a very beautiful bronzer and highlighter duo. I love both of them and the best part – it stays long, longer than your marriage. #jk

incolor bronzing blush

This one can be used for multiple purposes – like a highlighter, bronzer (beginners of course) or as an eye shadow.

The radiant color that this exudes defines your face well and the silky texture glides smoothly on your skin.

Love it!

2. Incolor Baking Highlighter – Rs. 220

Now this one has a variety of colors and shades you can choose from. I have shade no. 1 High Beam (Golden) and no. 3 Floyd Shimmer (silver hue)

Incolor baking highlighter Floyd Shimmer and High beam

While the golden ones give a dazzling finish, the silver one gives a beautiful metallic finish.

The silver especially is quite popular among my friends. The luxurious formula is perfect to highlight your features.

3. Swiss Beauty Baked Highlighter – Rs. 275

Swiss beauty as a brand has been doing well with products that are worth investing. I bought this one from an exhibition and fell for it almost immediately. I mean who doesn’t like rose gold color 🙂

 Swiss Beauty Baked Highlighter

It blends so well and requires just one strobe. Again, that ravishing rose gold color is to die for.

4. Swiss Beauty Highlighter For Women Highlighter  (02)– Rs. 169

This one claims to provide that ultra-pearly finish and is formulated with the right ingredients amongst which nylon gives a beautiful silky texture to it.

Swiss Beauty Highlighter For Women Highlighte

5. Vaseline Petroleum Jelly

The cheapest of all!! Now if you are not into fancy stuff but won’t mind a tinge of glow, Vaseline petroleum jelly can get you through. I sometimes cheat with this one too.

Just don’t go overboard as you might end up feeling greasy.

Bonus 😊

For my lovely readers, here is a bonus tip

I made some research on the best brush that can be used for applying highlighters. They are perfect and are easily available online and offline too.

Best highlighter brush

Remember, anything and everything when applied moderately will work like magic, else will let you down big time. So use these makeup products to the minimum and not go overboard as they can break your look.

I am a sucker for pocket-friendly products and highlighters are my favourite apart from brown eyeliner and a good lipstick. If I am obsessed with something I make sure to share it and who knows, this might actually benefit someone.

Hope you enjoyed my suggestions. Do share with your loved ones, especially with those who are beginners to the makeup space. These are also a good gifting option if the receiver of the gift is a beauty fanatic just like me.

Have a great day!

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