Month: September 2019

himalaya skin care

Weekend Glow under Rs.100, I promise!

Why this skincare? you may ask. Ans is simple, BC it is amazingly effective, absolutely affordable and light on the

easy crafts to do at home

5 Insanely Easy DIYS to Kill the Weekend Taylor Swiftly!

This is a collection of insanely easy DIYS using things you already have around your house. Also, perfect for beginners

gitrl in the room 105

The Girl in Room 105 Book Review – My Honest Take

Genre: Crime, Fiction, Thriller      3.5/5 Goodreads One thing is certain, this book is SO MUCH different from the past ones

strange beauty standards

5 Shocking Women Beauty Standards Around the World

This is a little sensitive topic and can make you a bit uncomfortable as well, so here’s a heads-up. Still