7 Female Youtubers I love and Adore

If you don’t know about these female Youtubers, which world are you living In?

I am going to introduce you to the most fabulous female Youtubers I came across who have their own style and don’t intend to change their attitude to appease anyone.

I won’t drag the introduction any further and jump on to the 7 best YouTube channels I came across and have been following them for at least 2 years now.

I’ll also share some of the videos of these Youtubers may be you can watch those and decide for yourself.



Subscribers: 2.56M

Genre: Language, Lifestyle, Entrepreneurship, career

She is a sweetheart, truly! The reason I follow her is the way she explains stuff in a lucid language such that anyone and everyone can learn with ease. Her smile is contagious and she is very passionate about what she does.

The Silicon Valley girl is her new channel where she mostly talks about her entrepreneur lifestyle.

You can watch this one to get a better idea:

Saloni Srivastava

Subscribers: 295K 

Genre: Productivity, Finance, Lifestyle, Entrepreneurship, Food

She is very popular amongst middle class Indian women. She gives the most essential tips when it comes to managing her business, her family and health.

She never hesitates to share her downfall or about her difficult times which I feel is so relatable. What I like about her channel is, the way she narrates, explain things and that grounded smile which not everyone wear these days.

Saloni has already given a tedTalk and gives a lot of inspiration when it comes to managing time and money. Love her humble demeanor😊

Do give her a chance:

The Urban Fight

Subscribers: 1.69M           

Genre: Career, Finance, Lifestyle, Jobs, Relationship

I find Saloni’s and The Urban Fight channel to be a bit similar but unique in their own way.

I highly recommend watching her videos irrespective of which genre you are into. Read her introduction in the description and you will instantly subscribe to her channel. I am pretty sure.


Subscribers: 403K 

Genre: Books, Lifestyle, Career

She is very popular amongst readers as she reviews and shares her experiences on her latest reads. What I like about her content is the crisp details that she shares which instantly helps in making decision to pick the next book.

If you are a beginner or an avid reader, you must take a look at her channel.

Curly Tales

Subscribers: 664K 

Genre: Travel, Food, Freelance

Led by Kamiya Jani, I remember how they evolved as a brand. I have seen their journey from blogging to this big entertainment giant.

They cover all the exquisite places, delicious cuisines and everything all around the world that a traveler enjoys doing. I watch it especially for the food related segment and I thoroughly enjoy watching it.

Marie Forleo

Subscribers: 650K 

Genre: Motivation, Business, Consultation

Now she is someone who doesn’t need an introduction. She is a beautiful person inside out who strives to give the best advice to her clients. This woman receives zillions of mails every day from people who are striving to make a career, persona, relationship or business choices.

She is optimistic and gives the best possible advice to those in need. Now, I won’t say she waves her magic wand and people suddenly turn into millionaires or a super happy person, no, but she acts a well-wisher, a catalyst and a guide who can trigger your pane point for you to act on what you truly believe in.

Ancy Twinkle:

Subscribers: 742K

Genre: Comedy, Beauty, Fashion, Vlog

What I love the most about her is that she is someone who’s content is super relatable. She is sassy, young and someone with a few friends (just like some of us). Through her channel she expresses her moody, funny, vulnerable and her silly side which is hilarious to watch.

Very prompt with her jokes and the way she trolls her close ones is fun to watch. A total entertainer!

I love her vlogging and chat sessions, the roasting part in particular is something I look forward to.

Here’s my favorite vlog of hers:

I have listed my favourite Youtubers and all of them have equal importance in my Youtube watchlist.

Hope you enjoyed this list. Do let me know which female Youtuber you like the most and would want me to give a try.

Happy Reading lovelies 😊

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